The services offered by Samí Luxury Baby Shower have been designed to make your party unique, memorable, elegant and fun!


You can choose among many exclusive and fascinating locations, such as: arched courtyards with gardens, lakeside villas, luxury hotels, swimming pool/spa resorts, and even gourmet restaurants, lounge bars, roof terraces or gardens – with breath-taking views of the skyline. If you prefer to organise a more intimate party at home, we will organise everything – even in your garden!

Personalised Invitations

A custom invitation with original graphic design is pleasing for guests to receive. Delight and impress your guests by unveiling the mood and personal style of your Baby Shower.

Party Theme

The theme will be adapted according to your taste: you may choose a colour, an object, a cartoon character or any atmosphere that you prefer (boho-chic, tropical…) and we will plan the whole event, creating something truly unique and personal. From the decorations to the invitations and party favours, every luxury event will have its own style.

Food & Drink

Breakfasts, brunches or lunches… an outdoor picnic; a cocktail, tea-time or ice cream party: a light dinner or full dinner with a chef. We offer gourmet dishes and delicious surprises that will delight the eyes and the palates of your guests.

Sweets & Cake

Often a focal point of a Baby Shower, offered after lunch, dinner or afternoon parties. The custom of combining the Baby Shower cake with single-portion treats, such as delicately decorated cupcakes and biscuits, is now increasingly widespread.

Gifts for Baby & Mum

The Baby Shower is the perfect occasion for the expectant mum to receive gifts for herself and her baby; often she registers her preferences in a “birth list”, and guests can choose from a wide range of pre-selected items, ensuring they will be useful and welcome gifts! Among the most popular presents is the famous nappy cake!

Party Favours for Guests

It is customary for the person organising the Baby Shower to give a gift to guests at the end of the party. It is of course a lovely keepsake of the event, but above all it says, “Thank-you for coming”.

Games and Prizes

After the future mum unwraps her gifts, it is time to play fun games to include and entertain everyone: the big winners will be rewarded with amusing prizes!

Photo Album and Guest Book

What could be better than photos to remind you of the Shower? We create an album or video to capture the best moments of your event. We also prepare a Baby Wish List for guests to fill in and a Guest Book where the future mum will discover personal messages and wishes for herself and her baby.

Photo Shoot

We organise photo shoots with the celebrated mum as the centre of attention and set up an area with a theme (flowered background, giant frame, photo booth…) for women to share images of all the pleasurable and touching moments they have shared.

Luxury transfer

Rental of sailboats, motorboats, limousines, luxury cars, vintage cars, or carriages… can be arranged to transport the future mum to the Baby Shower location.

Christmas and other Holidays

What if the baby shower is at Christmas time? Or at Easter? No problem! Everything, from decorations to recipes and invitations to party favours will follow the festive theme!